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British Columbia

Large volume generators can recycle light bulbs, tubes, fixtures and ballasts free of charge with LightRecycle, providing the required quantities are met.

A range of recycling options exist through the program for large volume generators with lighting products used in institutional, commercial or industrial applications. Depending on the type and volume of products, large volume generators such as businesses, contractor, relampers, schools, hospitals and building managers may apply for a no-charge direct pick up.

Please note: while the program will pick-up lamps directly from large volume generators (contractors, schools, hospitals, building managers, municipalities etc.) with enough lamps to qualify for this service, generators do not receive payment for their lamps unless they are acting as a service provider to the program, as outlined below.

An extensive network of collection sites also exist for generators with large volumes of lighting products to drop off across the province.

Are you a homeowner/consumer with a small quantity of light bulbs or tubes?
LightRecycle includes over 200 collection sites for consumers with household quantities of residential-use lamps (maximum of 16). See the BC Consumers page.

Lighting ballasts are replaceable components designed to regulate or transfer the electrical current/energy in a lighting fixture and may be present in fluorescent and other vapour lamps/lighting fixtures in your home, place of business or community institutions.

Large volume generators can recycle ballasts that do not contain PCBs through the scrap metal recycling system due to the high metal content and end-of-life value of these products. A number of recycling options are typically available for those with scrap metal (pick-up through recycling companies, drop-off at scrap metal sites etc.), including our network of collection sites.

Large volume generators that deliver their non-PCB containing ballasts to collection sites will be paid for scrap metal, depending on the product and material type. As scrap metal is a market-driven commodity, LightRecycle does not set the price paid by recyclers.

Not sure whether or not your lighting ballasts contain PCBs? Please see Ballasts page.