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British Columbia

Since 2010, BC LightRecycle has accepted residential-use fluorescent light bulbs at collection sites across the province. Since October 1, 2012, the program has accepted all lighting products for recycling without charge, including all types of light bulbs and tubes, ballasts and lighting fixtures used in residential, institutional, commercial and industrial applications. Collection options differ based on the type and quantity of lighting products to be recycled.

The LightRecycle program is funded by recycling fees applied to the sale of new lighting products. In BC, as of October 1, 2012 fees apply to the sale or supply of all lights/lamps, ballasts and fixtures including retail, industrial, commercial and institutional sales. The fee rates vary by product type.

The recycling fees are used to cover program costs, including managing the collection, transportation and recycling system for returned products. Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers may include the recycling fee in the product price or display it as a separate charge to purchasers. The fee is not a government tax nor is it remitted to the government. The fee is subject to sales tax as it is considered to be a part of the price of regulated products.

Light Bulbs and Tubes
"Fluorescent Tubes measuring ≤ 2 feet (typical size: 2 feet)$0.20
"Fluorescent Tubes measuring >2 feet and ≤ 4 feet (typical size: 4 feet)$0.40
"Fluorescent Tubes measuring > 4 feet (typical size: 8 feet)$0.80
"Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) / Screw-In Induction Lamps$0.15
"Light Emitting Diodes (LED)$0.15
"6 High Intensity Discharge (HID) and Other: HID, UV, Germicidal, UHP, Neon, etc.$1.10
"7 Incandescent / Halogen$0.05
"8 Miniature Bulb Package$0.10
Lighting Fixtures
"9 Designated Small Fixtures / Decorative Light Strings: flashlights, bike lights, night lights, Christmas light strings etc.$0.15
"10 Fixture Category A: portable, small outdoor, decorative, light commercial, emergency, chandeliers, ceiling fans, linear fixtures, etc.$0.15
"11 Fixture Category B: non-linear, commercial and industrial, etc.$0.15
"12 Large Outdoor Fixtures: flood, sports, highway, street, etc.$0.15
"13 Ballasts / Transformers (not integrated into lamps or fixtures)$0.15